Ain't technology great?

I have been fretting about how to increase service and better communications with our clients. As many of the folks we work with are way out of the area. The phone and pdfs are the lifeline to our communication and we do alright with just feels a little hollow. How could we do better? How could we increase the fun factor? So, team Luckystone talked about it and decided to try a short term relationship with Webex. Webex is a way we can share files, even transfer files real time with our customers with browser enabled technology. It's simple. It works! It has a "Dummies" book. And the customer service and personal exchange I had in just finding out about Webex was extremely open and honest. I feel like I am truly buying a service but with service as an emphasis verus "now I can talk to tech support and not solve my problem". They asked terrific questions--really trying to understand our needs and scale. They made us feel as if our business had as much import as the huge clients they have. Granted, it's a new technology toy, and we will really need to ask ourselves if it has added value to our working relationships with our clients, but I sure hope it does. Take a look.