A charmer

Jean Tuttle is a charmer, an inspiration. She is a lovely person inside and out and an illustrator—and her grace and wit spills into the work happily. I love her professional work. Hope Katz Gibbs writes about her on her “Truly Amazing Women who are changing the world and how you can, too!” site, here> but just getting to know her and see how she brings her sense of fun, imagination and thinking of others into her life with images —weaving them into her day to day. Jean has done the most thoughtful thing and is sharing it with all  of her fans (moi included)—which is that she leaves her dad a picture at the breakfast table every morning featuring their three cats engaged in some cute thing having to do with current family life. The cats raising an alarm that there wasn’t much to eat in the kitchen and that Jean should get to the store is here>> The cats and mice going on vacation>>  Every detail is smart and fun—from the personalities of the individual cats (Charlotte in her Ralph Lauren coat—all fashion forward) to Blackie taking charge), to the little greek chorus of mice who fill in the story, add flourishes to the story (the way Jean does visually) and little cute quips and sidebars. Such loving, sweet images that just make my day (and I am sure Jean’s dad)—that burst with cleverness. It would be great if this impromptu work could suggest a book (which I would be first in line for). I thought you would enjoy Jean, her imagination and how she shares her talent with all of us.

Fatline Experiments, Q .Cassetti, 2011 pen and inkI am still on the fatline project. The notebooks are too small for the line width, so the sketchbook is going up in size to see how this evolves. I spent some time this weekend reading one of my great Fraktur books, Bucks County Fraktur from the Pennsylvania German Society, edited by Cory M. Amsler (1999). I love how the neighborhood, the itinerant schoolmasters, the religious and musical culture were so prescribed, and yet drove this remarkable body of original work. Many of the bookplates and hymnbook covers were done essentially as Pennsylvania German “atta boys” for students that performed or who helped tutor the less strong students. The Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates were a way for these artist teachers to make a little extra money on the side— Many of these itinerant artists were first or second generation German (with German being their main language), bringing over German/Bavarian inspiration and visual language, combined with visual reference being woodcuts (many very primitive). Throw all of that in an active mind in the countryside…churn and see what evolves. Many of these works on paper were created with blank spaces designed into the piece so they could be filled out on the fly as they were peddled from door to door.

Am busy with interesting work on my desktop.  The art folks have their deck. I need to get on the Museum for their projects. There were some nice name progression projects. I am close on a few…the horizon is something I can see.

There is some nice traction around the Library poster (to the right)  and the nice event planned for this Saturday. Heather H. has worked her magic and pulled her props (candy store, lemonade stand), ordered cakes, called musicians. There was talk of theatricals (which I think didn’t make it) but perhaps an impromptu tableau vivant? Two hundred years of books is quite an accomplishment for our little village. There is a lot to toast!

It is dreary and raining though the trees are gold. Gold and grey. The trees are beginning to dump their leaves a bit so that wonderful fall light can dapple and change our environment as the season begins to move into full fledged autumn.

Maybe rain?

New Coloration, Zydeco Trail Riders @ the Rongo, Q. Cassetti, 2010Overcast as usual for this week. Hermione Camp is visiting…wandering around the house, eating the other cats’ food. Shady is good with all of that.

Recolored the Zydeco poster. Becky suggested red boots (which works better with the greenbeans, and Rob suggested changing the banner color from taupe to white to pop it more. I tweaked it and then added some florals (which I have always thought looked somewhat like tooled leather for the background gradient and the bottom of the page. So, thats where we have ended up. I think this thing is finished. Do you?

More on the Public Universal Friend. The U.F. (as she had blazoned on her carriage) was recognized for being able to walk on water. I found this great page on the Internet (using Google Chrome as my browser which has a very cool translation feature) which was in German and related this detail. More pictures in the making. I may have to plan a field trip this summer for research. Could be inspiring.

Last night was The Senior Awards Ceremony. Many of the same names were granted kudos and applause…Kitty got a Shakespeare award for her enthusiasm in the subject and her dive in with acting and interpreting the scripts. She also was recognized for high honor roll. The room was decorated with tables with blue tablecloths, blow up globes and an enormous spread of desserts. There was a huge golden and blue banner with sparkly stars and vinyl cut lettering (a black letter style font, of course) that said “Senior Awards” in 36” sized words. It was a long night…and we were happy to have gotten through it. Its about time for everyone to graduate and move on. I think the seniors have been ready since Christmas. They all just seem tired now.

I ordered six tree peonies from Song Sparrow (Mr. Klem) and they just arrived so come tomorrow and the rain breaks, I am going to get them in the ground….in a place that has nice sun and some space and feed em up this summer to see what happens. They really take off around year 3-4…but if I get them in a place with some wire around them and prevent the varmints from devouring them, then we might quicken the maturation time? right?

I am working on some more obtuse web related projects that I am picking away at to figure out how to do it. Time to plug in, tune out and turn on….or something like that.

Looking for sunshine

Zydeco Trail Riders at the Rongo, Q. Cassetti, 2010Its going to be overcast, rainy and cool today. Perfect for the peonies that haven’t been devoured by the varmints. 

Plugging away on the big pile of work…which gets sidetracked due to mini quick turnarounds which explode into bigger time consuming things to do. Would like to have a moment to learn more about the Universal Friend from Penn Yan, but that might have to wait until the weekend.

Need to order paper and get some printing done for the Hangar and for the Trail Riders. The poster to the left is the colorized/type applied poster for July. Need to finish a teeshirt for a friend as well…and am just close enough. I thrilled to the pen illustration being brought into photoshop/res’ed up to high. Creating a workpath and saving it out as a path for illustrator….and then bringing it into illustrator as a magnificent vector file. The best.

Tonight is an awards event for Kitty. Need to move a bunch of appointments around…as school/work and driving to Corning is not jiving…Hampshire sent Kitty her summer reading along with a bunch of stuff that needs to be done re health insurance, payment etc. Ooch.It isnt a frightening pile of details…but none the less…needs to be scaled soon.

More later>

Syracuse Poster Project

Syracuse Poster Project:
Out of the blue came this request...and this is the result:
"...selected two of yours to include in the supplemental aspect of the 2009 poster series: the catcher image and the homeboy image. The images should appear on our web site, www.posterproject.org, by Friday. Poets will go there to view them."

..."Thanks again for supporting the project's efforts. You were one of two artists who ended up participating in this aspect of the project. The other is Donald Kilpatrick from Detroit."

They create posters with ISDP SU artwork as a way of promoting local poets and images. This group has used ISDP students in the past. Lets see what happens.