Maybe rain?

New Coloration, Zydeco Trail Riders @ the Rongo, Q. Cassetti, 2010Overcast as usual for this week. Hermione Camp is visiting…wandering around the house, eating the other cats’ food. Shady is good with all of that.

Recolored the Zydeco poster. Becky suggested red boots (which works better with the greenbeans, and Rob suggested changing the banner color from taupe to white to pop it more. I tweaked it and then added some florals (which I have always thought looked somewhat like tooled leather for the background gradient and the bottom of the page. So, thats where we have ended up. I think this thing is finished. Do you?

More on the Public Universal Friend. The U.F. (as she had blazoned on her carriage) was recognized for being able to walk on water. I found this great page on the Internet (using Google Chrome as my browser which has a very cool translation feature) which was in German and related this detail. More pictures in the making. I may have to plan a field trip this summer for research. Could be inspiring.

Last night was The Senior Awards Ceremony. Many of the same names were granted kudos and applause…Kitty got a Shakespeare award for her enthusiasm in the subject and her dive in with acting and interpreting the scripts. She also was recognized for high honor roll. The room was decorated with tables with blue tablecloths, blow up globes and an enormous spread of desserts. There was a huge golden and blue banner with sparkly stars and vinyl cut lettering (a black letter style font, of course) that said “Senior Awards” in 36” sized words. It was a long night…and we were happy to have gotten through it. Its about time for everyone to graduate and move on. I think the seniors have been ready since Christmas. They all just seem tired now.

I ordered six tree peonies from Song Sparrow (Mr. Klem) and they just arrived so come tomorrow and the rain breaks, I am going to get them in the ground….in a place that has nice sun and some space and feed em up this summer to see what happens. They really take off around year 3-4…but if I get them in a place with some wire around them and prevent the varmints from devouring them, then we might quicken the maturation time? right?

I am working on some more obtuse web related projects that I am picking away at to figure out how to do it. Time to plug in, tune out and turn on….or something like that.