Worked a bit yesterday afternoon--trying to get some of the base work done for the masterblaster I will have today trying to get 3-4 "look and feel"s for webpage for a new product for my main client along with 5 different (x2) iPhone application icons. There is a lot of writing/thinking that goes with this as the marketing pros are not on this (as this and all the cool new stuff from this company is not part of their traditional no one is assigned)--which isnt a problem...I just wish there was a business plan written so as not to fumble in the made up messaging I am doing. However, its better than nothing. And, I can guarantee my direct client will be able to hold her head up in the presentation. That is on the horizon.

We saw Anvil last night after my work and after R's patient guidance of Kitty and the prep of her portfolio (which is looking good--showing some diversity, some threads, and some skill in a variety of media). Anvil is about this Metal Band (a documentary) who was on par with the best in the business in the 80s. Everyone else took off..and Anvil did not hit "it". The movie is about their shot at "making it" at the age of 51 (the leads, Robb and Lips) juxatposed against their simple lives and jobs in Toronto, and their european "tour" which ended up as a flop. It was a very poignant movie portraying these sweet men as vulnerable, kind, lovely people who really live for their art--regardless of whether people like it or not. Lips, the lead singer, was very philosophical--truly seeing the best in everything and everybody that I found myself rooting for these guys--hoping that the next turn will be the golden moment. It was charming albeit sad. We had a dinner of tapas at Just a Taste, sitting outside and having a great time with Kitty, Alex and Maddie.

We had a late night swim in the lake as the skies had cleared (more thunder and rain during the day). It was great and Shady showed her new skill in actively pursuing the aggressive ducks that swim in a pack. Shady plows into the water without much encouragement, and swims after the ducks. We all had a nice paddle which made sleep from the paddling and the lower body temperature perfection. I love this cool summer. No complaints on this end. Its my idea of the way things should be.

R.'s horribly old, battered truck refused to fire up this morning. He needed a solid landline (phone) as he was on at 7:25 a.m. with Martha Stewart on Sirius Radio. The chatter was around Glass Crafting (what?) and collectibles. If I didnt like a lot of the Sirius other channels, I would not subscribe based on how totally stupid the hosts and the vibe of the MS channel. Sirius would be wise to look at this, as should Martha herself as this programming does not reflect the quality and intelligence that is expected from the Martha Stewart Omnimedia presence. Sad. So, he took the wonderbus, and maybe may have it this week, which may mean juggling all the doctors for another time today/tomorrow.