Crunched on the work for the client yesterday. Turned out nicely--and we seem to have answered their need. Phew. Its day two, no rain...we really dont know what to do with ourselves.

Alex and Nigel are out doing surgery with the weedwacker and the beds of hosta, weeds and the ever present sumac. Yeesch! But, the guys are hard at work--with Nigel driving the situation and Alex a good second. The overlay of hostile rap music is pervasive (no John Muir here)--which ratchets up the stress a bit. Kitty is busy decorating shoes and doing watercolors. I have set up some doctor appointments for both of them prior to getting back to school, so we will be rolling into quite a bit of that soon.

I subscribed to a year of for classes/tutorials on all things software and computer. I was pricing classes--individual classes (which combined with hotel and transportation is much more expensive than an annual subscription which we all can use.

Gotta go. Lunch awaits