WRITING AWAY. Man. Soon. It was 8 pages on inspiration from the end of Syracuse to date...how I got to the thesis topic. I was quoting the Bible (you know you are in trouble when you quote the Bible)--and talking about hairdos from the 1770s.I pity the poor devils that have to read this drivel. It is a wild goose chase...but the shocker is that I have done a mess of work that really has driven me to where I am. Yes, I have looked at a bunch of work but the real push is finding a content area that delights you and whaling on it.I can see why Murray said no to more Memento Mori...I needed to do that a few more times to understand that this is where the heart is...and that the content and research if it delights you, evolves into work with heart, with weight with care. And we can allow that stream of thinking and work take us with it.

I need to knock off and make dinner