Don't mind me. I will just scream. Right. Now. So, there I go...writing away, editing away, addings pictures--moving the needle with the thesis and the f-king InDesign decides to crap out and fail. Oy.I guess I can be philosophical about this but I think it is time to spend some M O N E Y and replace this boat anchor (I have been working on this macintosh solidly since 2002) as I do not have the time or inclination to put up with the crap. Okay. Here it comes back up again...and I didn't lose the document. The writing has been interesting and as it's supposed to be, very revelatory. New news today is that none of this stuff (the illustrations) come from nowhere. It is all a state of evolution. When I created a page on the memento mori work (as a decorative arts starting place) and then edited a page of the Garden of Eden work (which to look at it, had 6-8 solid contenders which could have been a thesis in itself) and then the current valentines (and the new few in the mix). Tighter work, better design, more resolution and finish in the work as we go further. The Memento Mori project was great as I learned a lot as an illustrator and as an old bag. The Garden project took those sketches a bit further with color (Memento Mori was exclusively black and white) and design. The current body of work, the Valentines, are colored and black and white, are redrawn and finished...not one shot off the pen...and they have type on them. In the Memento Mori blog entries, I talked about how much I loved creating patterns and frames to go with the pictures. I also spoke about how I needed to learn more about reflected illustration. With the valentines, I have pursued this and have a better handle on relected designs and adding a level of finish,adding backgrounds and context to the work, and integrating borders and frames into the work to take it further. In the Memento Mori work the frames were drawn by themselves. The spots were drawn by themselves and then mooshed together. For the Valentines, I have drawn a spot and then developed the frame or field on top of that illustration (often as a trace or tissue illo) working it to fit and integate with the entire illustration. It takes a bit longer, but I now have the patience to do that and embrace that changing and amending.

Tonight is the last night of Kitty's play. We have been to all the performances. It has been wonderful. Time to get the subs for the cast party. No kidding. Right now.