Cold again today. Rain. More rain. Quite an electrical storm over on Seneca Lake last night providing entertainment during our nice dinner at the Stonecat Cafe. It was amusing as we ran into friends who are full of fun and had the cutest, blonde corgi waiting for them in the car. Corgis are quite compelling. Shady Grove could have a new friend who is a corgi? or a pug? Better corgi I think. They have big dog spirit in a smaller package without the social stigma that pugs have. Although pugs are compelling too? No reason to rush.

Had a little drawing vacation yesterday afternoon. The wind was blowing and it was promising rain in the low 70s. But we were chided and hastened by R to swim before we cannot do so any more. It was darned cold--sending my core temperament into the freeze mode, but did that water trick of stunning us into sleep. Am rolling on the monkeys. I figure if I whale on them for around two weeks, I will begin to get a little decorative mojo going. I will post some sketches as I go. I've got some linear ones, and some blocky ones inspired by Animal Farm, by Alice and Martin Provensen.