Cold again today. Rained hard last night. Thunder, the whole shebang. We did have a nice swim in between the bouts of heavy clouds and breezes. The swim aligned everything including our onward!

Did a bit of driving yesterday shuttling the teen girl squad downtown, and then getting back. R was hoe-ing out the garage and making straight the lines...making piles disappear, defining good wood from bad wood...and the like. Bought the fab donut peaches from the fruit stand up the street along with corn, more tomatoes and cukes. Started a big tabouli for us and the working team (I feed lunch to everyone who works for me wheither it is designers or workers--sometimes its two, sometimes its ten)--and we are tipping more towards ten. So big salads are consumed in 1-2 days and my homemade stuff is better and significantly cheaper than the grocery store's deli case.

Stopped by the new used bookstore, Green Horse Used Books, on my walk home from getting my hair cut. Great store with all sorts of books I want to read, good art selection, and kids picturebooks too. I was nosing through them and found another Evaline Ness book on Italian tales. Fab. I plan on scanning them in and starting a flickr site of these children's books images to share with others and as offsite storage for me. Back to Ness, these are very designed images and spreads. Heavy black woodcut style linework with hot pink, orange and gold as accents. She uses geometric shapes under the linework to take it to another place. You'll see.

Need more time to get into my pictures. I am afraid that my stuff all looks like logotypes, so being surrounded by the Provensens for good coaching to get off it..and combine it with line. If they do look like logos, that maybe isnt just means that I am not pushing it. It is all a pleasure--it is just that with this pleasure goes itchniness that often results in trying new things, and possibly evolving. Your bones hurt when you grow...why can't you be itchy when you grow and evolve with your brains and hands?