Big show opening, "Pixel and Pen"a n exhibit of digital art and process. Works by Aesthetic Apparatus, Nicholas Blechman, Q Cassetti, Linda Gammell, John Hersey, JamesO'Brien, Ryan Peltier, Andy Powell, Anthony Russo, Nancy Stahl, Gordon Studer, Roman Verostko, and Mick Wiggins. Curated by James O'Brien at the Christensen Center Gallery, Augsburg, MN from Thursday night through January. James 'Brien is an extraordinary illustrator who works digitally put this show together. I am flattered to be in it (my portrait of Kitty is my entry) with some celebrated illustrators.Makes me want to keep at the portrait an hour program. I took some nice shots of Kitty this weekend along with that of Rob, our friend Steve, and of course, Peter H. So, I need to get on it. Plenty of work to do.

Am getting through a load of work...much of it in in the a.m. out by 1. Really more throwing than designing...but this is the expectation.

Must go for now as it is time to heat up dinner for the expectant crew.

Brilliant fall days. Yesterday and today. We got the dishwasher (after 3 weeks) fixed...the part finally came in. Chet the Lawnmower man came and manicured the grass along with dealing with the thick layer of sassafrass and walnut leaves that have dropped. Its funny, but all the walnut trees and walnuts have gone from being on the tree to suddenly all being on the ground. No middle ground for the walnuts.