Tuesday notes

Bless Chet the lawmowerman. Somehow, we managed to get the timing perfect as he got all those leaves to the side of Camp Street-- because the village leaf guys actually came today and sucked them all up. I think this is a first in five years! Yay! Looks like the White House lawn!

I am currently typing this blog on my phone at Satori, my land of beauty. I am drinking coffee and cooling my jets as the color develops and pretending I am not fascinated and listening to the Aveda color educator lead a class on color, color chemistry, formulations, processing time, progressive color et cetera. But I am. Do you think I could get my next masters degree in haircoloring?

We are planning to spend Friday in Andover MA to revisit Hampshire and return visiting Oneonta. Just trying to relook at these first schools to see them now in context. Should be good to confirm our feelings with mire information. We will be back for Halloween and the candle pumpkin insanity that team C. Puts on. That reminds me... CANDY!

Gotta get to the sink. Later>>