Friday's performance of "Rent" at the Hangar was great albeit a tad slow in some parts. Kitty and Maddie seemed to love it along with crushing on the lead man, Mark. I was interested in how the Hangar promotes themelves, promotes the shows and applauds the local support they get. I have been asked to do their show poster plus one for next year which should be fun-- and a change from the Triathlon which has a tough set of requirements for their teeshirt. They just announced their shows which I do not have the wit or memory to give to you verbatim now (am blogging today courtesy of my phone!). So I hope there will be some bold vector portraits in the mix! I will need to shoot some reference-- and really act like a grown up illustrator with this. I will pick up the scripts this week to put my eyes in the real story, the characters, the ambience.

We got Maddie off with Liz and her troop of smaller children, friends, active new dog, and all the luggage, electronic toys and general stuff that surrounds that age group. I was cooking a few blueberry cakes and taboulie for the party we were invited to later. Liz and kids came at noon-- so lunch was in order despite my not planning it. We had good leftovers for the big people but no bread for the littler ones. There was a bit of a scramble around that. I really need to get smarter around this.

We had a lovely time at the picnic. It looked like rain, but didn't. All sorts of really interesting people-- each really bright, focused, with opinions. There were musician guests playng-- Morris dancer guests dancing--and all the rest if us gabbing up a storm. Brain was on--