Buddhas and Circus Posters

Images of windows of Blue Bird Antiques, State Street. Ithaca. One of my more favorite places!

The truck's battery died this morning, so everyone is being hastened along so that we can commute down to Tburg this a.m. so that R. can take the Wonderbus for the day. We had a nice evening with a trip down to the best optician in the universe, Cayuga Optical on the Commons. Alex needs glasses, so we got him all figured out (and paid for) so that next week he can roll into cross country preseason with sunglasses and better vision. I am hoping that these glasses get used. We have done this many times before with his shrugging the glasses off (dont need them, dont want them)--a freaking waste of money. I think these may take because he needs them, and there is a cool factor involved.

We had a little listen to Richie Sterns and The Evil City String Band on the Commons. They were tight and quite impressive with a nice Ithaca turn out of all shapes and sizes, babies and grown ups dancing and enjoying the cool summer evening. We zipped up the lake to Sheldrake for dinner bought from the farm stand--so things were good albeit I think the younger set was planning on dining out. Oh well. More $ staying in my pocket (at least for now).

This evening we see the last of my subscription for the summer Hangar Theater performances, "Rent". Should be good (as they all are) and fun with Kitty, Rob and Maddie. Alex is at a friends for the weekend (plus)to his delight. Maddie leaves us tomorrow with her aunt Liz picking her up so she can have time with her cousins in New Jersey (with the promises of trips to the Jersey shore). Tomorrow is the famed Mammal Roast. I am going to have to think and do pretty quickly as there is a dish to pass, and our esteemed hosts are foodies. Hmmmm. There are two lambs that are going to be roasted over a fire. Hundreds of cloves of garlic needed to be peeled. And imagine the energy to get the beasts hoisted over a fire...! I hope they have help as this is truly an amazing gift of energy and time! (or thyme>?) More later on this pending amusement.

Speaking of amusement, I was fiddling around with my blog (this one) and by accident/for fun, changed the language from English to Bengali as I liked the letterforms. And damn, if it didnt change everything immediately, not only on my blog page, but all the lists, all the secondary blogs at all levels throughout. So, I clicked on every link that now stretched out across the page to finally find the language one and after sweating a bit, managed to turn it back to English. Not funny nor amusing. Teaches me to not mess around with the important stuff.