Bright morning. Cats are sitting on the chairs outside like grandpa and grandma...and Shady is watching them. Shady making sure everything is okay...and they are safe. Its a high blue sky. K is having her last track meet today to her delight and pleasure. Not exactly what she expected, but was a good sport and tried her best...which surprisingly she was more competitive about than she thought.

Just ordered petit fours for her bday party this weekend. It is like talking to aliens on the moon. These old fashioned things get hard to find,as well as hard to find people who will make them. But as we have had no luck getting the Hot Truck to come, we will settle for petit fours and pesto pasta for 50. Probably a bit cheaper than ordering the truck at about $10 a head. I did, however, find out that the local Rotary will come and do the Upstate Cornell barbeque chicken thing (you all have heard me rave about) for about $6. a head...but they have a minimum. How bad can that be? My friend is having them do her lakeside wedding...which should be fun as her hubby to be is a Rotarian--so his buds will be there in style.

So, the picture above is the Camp House from the big satellite in the sky. I asked Mr. Reidy for his best shot on the Fingerlakes for satellite pix as an option for the Toivo sketch process. He threw this in for fun. Pretty scary what the big eye in the sky sees. There is a picture there.

Speaking of pictures. We got our homework for Hartford from Bunny Carter and Dennis Nolan. I was up at 3 a.m. running this baby through the brain processor...thinking out what I could do, angles to do it from, the zillion approaches, the zillion other options. Very exciting.

Also, a big possibility of a big big job. Huge job coming across the desk. I am not at liberty to discuss it...but it could keep us on our toes as if we aren't now. Might be a little trip in the future to see what can evolve.

More later.