Sub Zero

Rumor has it that the T'burg post office has sold out of the 1000 stamps (sheets?) that they were allowed to have. So, a reorder has happened...and hopefully, we can keep pushing the volume. I need to place my order for the double hit on my valentine for this year. Pricey...but hey, its PR.

Had a nice chat with the writer from the Finger Lakes papers yesterday and had a gander at an article from The Ellis School on this alumna. Ellis may try to promote the story more broadly in Pittsburgh (imagine!).

I am working with Joe at Pioneer Printing in Lodi on my personal valentine. Hopefully, we can get this rolling soon. It is def. the shoemaker's children here--as this project is generally something I have done before Christmas...and here we are, looking at the end of the month and no card. Jeez. Additionally, I am going to order some cards for sale from a new resource Digital Lizard-- a print resource that can do very small quantities, very quickly, very affordably. I need a rich mix of illos with 50 cards each which could financially strangle you using regular methods. With this resource, I can afford to do this almost as cheaply as printing it myself with a bit less hassle and handwork.

I am getting itchy to start drawing again. I really don't know where to go, where to start--but as you all know, the most important thing is to just pick up the darned pen, pencil, brush. Let it flow, baby. Feathers and frames, bees and bugs, twisty lines and big blocks. Just need the energy and headset to get jazzed. Need that.

This cold, this polar vortex is phenomenal. Awe-making. Awesome. This big house is cold...and when Rob gets home, he stokes all the little woodstoves, closes the doors, and steams up the windows to keep us toasty when the arctic temperatures are freezing us inside and out. I love how blue everything is--the long cold beige and purple colors...but is is so cold, so will be nice to have a little ease. Remarkable winter.