More and more


And it keeps on coming. Yesterday was a wild day of stamp buying and stamp rollout. The shindig at the Time Warner Building looked like fun with movie/tv star/celebrity Bella Thorne, along with a lady known for her scrapbooks and crafts. Twitter was rolling--and Facebook was alight. There were valentines to be made, and photos (with Photo Booth props) to be taken. As you can see, Bella and her fans took full advantage of all of the fun...and hopefully, sold some stamps too.


I had a fun interview with a reporter, Tamara Lindstrom, from Time Warner News (here is the result of our time together). She is a fascinating person who not only interviews, but is on camera, behind the camera, writer and editor. all she needed were plates that she could spin, and clarinets she could play. Impressive. We had a nice talk about the stamp, illustration and the process. Seems that the process really is the thing our audience really wants to know about. Yes, I was paid for this job...and no, it was not a competition.

I have an interview with the Finger Lakes Free Press assortment of papers tonight. Katherine, the writer, mentioned that my stamp was news at the County Legislature yesterday (!)--and the local level of delight is wonderful.

Rob Bought me a sheet yesterday (more to come via online shopping) to chat it up anonymously with a lady at the counter in Corning. She was effusive about pink, and red and finally they had a REAL valentine stamp. That is the kind of happiness that I just adore. I hope this thing really reaches out and grabs our audience. Would be so wonderful.