Garlicscape Symphony, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5.1Gotta make it quick. I have to run in fifteen to have the April Tburg Farmers Market meeting. Lots lots lots to talk about in an hour and a half, so I should pump up the caffeine to run not walk through the notes. There are banners, advertising, policies, approaches. There is scheduling and events and and and. And in an hour and a half, it will be done again.

Busy here. Lots of running around and picking up and delivering. Tomorrow mail and bill paying along with catching up with Museum work and that of the big client that steadily marches on. Only downside is that some of the stuff we have been seeing with our reviewing hats on, is so bad..and submitted by,yes “designers” that its appalling (what with extensive guidelines etc). We submit very extensive corrective/directive notes that then we are greeted with the arms akimbo, “we are not doing it”. What is the point of standards if no one chooses or is held to following them?

We are going to do the final College Lap to make the decision come Sunday through mid next week. Hampshire and Hofstra. I think we are all ready to commit, but just one last do diligence before I write the check and we sign up for housing etc. What a journey its been to get here…and now that we are at a decision point, what a journey it will be!. The best, we can only hope.

Mr. White is conked out, snoring in his throaty feline, stuffy nosed way. Shady is curled up with her other mother, Gloria. It is really hard to believe that here we are in April, poised to spring into and through Spring—the kooky winter has not helped the time passing whatsover.