Cherrywood wreath, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS 5.1Its gone from brilliant to overcast, but that is Spring for you. David and John are monkeying around with the fuse box so they have chased me to my laptop to talk to you while fun with electricity is happening here at 2 Camp Street. I had a great meeting about the Farmers’ Market and how we can work better with the Youth Bureau—getting some help for us on the Board and our wonderful manager, Avi. There is a likelihood that we can get support of two kids each market (July and August) to do some of the detail work like trash, composting, etc. We need the help and they have the manpower.

The Youth Bureau have been involved in the 4-5 movie nights in town and their leader had ideas on how we could really layer on some cool stuff to take the movies and popcorn to another place. Something that builds on the theme of the movie, some fun food offerings? What about stuff you can do with flashlights?. All seems possible and fun. Love that: possible and fun versus a lot of life which seems to seem impossible and hard/ or unfun. So more to do in the next few weeks so we can schedule the movies and promote..if anything…the dates. And it gets  us talking earlier, planning earlier so the normal sweat that happens maybe can be reduced by better planning and teamwork. I am looking forward to working with the wonderful, inspired women from the Youth Commission.

Did I mention I have a new favorite place in the most perfect hamlet on earth? Good To Go! Good to Go is my new Go To these days. It is a wonderful family owned grocery store and take out deli with great organic foods, locally made food and inspired takeout from Carrot/beet burgers to a massaged kale salad that made me want to pass out for the sheer simplicity and perfection of it. Nana Monaco and her mother bring style and friendliness to this warm and inviting space where you can get take out, buy a sandwich or meet a friend for lunch or a meeting. It is another happy place we should not take for granted in our neighborhood.

I was working on cherries yesterday…bold, no gradient, shape-y and then spun the branches into this wooden wreath which I like. Feels very woody and out of doorsy to my happiness. It also has a very gouache feeling versus digital which is good as the real illustrators out there have no patience with this digital nonsense. There are more berries on the horizon as well as hops, beans and peas. Maybe another foray into asparagas.

I just entered Creative Quarterly 28—a bunch of hairhoppers and a pile of the Farmers Market Fruit and Veggies illos plus the Dominic Labino portrait from the Museum. We will see if anything strikes the jury’s fancy.

Onward into the day.