April Snow

Inspired by Dutch Painting, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5I woke up at around 3 a.m. and peered near sightedly out the window to see that yes, there was snow…and quite a bit of it to burden the trees—that spring snow that breaks branches. The snow is out of sync with the season like everything else. So though it was weird and sad, it was not inconsistent with the winter we have had this past year. I can only whisper small prayers about the fruit and flowers, the plants, the asparagus, the leeks and potatoes, the buds and blossoms. My poor farmer friends. I would be ripping my hair out by the roots…and threatening to raise critters only. Wild.

Alex was delighted though, that we had a snow day today. So he has been downstairs screaming with happiness with his friends—playing games and snacking on this and that.

Alex had a great audition yesterday for Oklahoma…Singing and reciting from “Once Upon a Mattress” and trying hard with the dance aspect of the audition. So, now we hurry up and wait to see if our 6’2” Prince could become a cowboy. We can only hope. It is a week and counting on college decision time. It is five days and counting on the prom event…with yours truly throwing the pre-prom dinner for 6 or 8. I will need to raid the freezer to see what delicious bits I have squirreled away for this festivity.

Rob is at the Museum in Conversation Seminar in Albany. I sent 15 giclees of the fruit project with Rob for their silent auction. It appears they sold and sold well. So I have tasked poor Rob is see which images sold well and those that sold in a lesser way.Lets learn something from this.

I had a really nice conversation with Redbyrd Orchard Cider yesterday. I love their thinking, their confidence and their product which they are really doing right. It is so amazing to watch them lean into this new business and the potential it can have. I am enjoying our relationship and am buckling up to watch their success which to me feels like it could really rocket. I need to jump off right now and prep their files as we are working against a deadline and need to get cards, postcards etc. ready for this event.