Break time

Mothers Day for Peace Poster, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illlustrator CS5Trying to keep up with the work as its very fluid here…and though there are the solid rocks that keep needing to be done, there are the emergencies that are thrown in to the mix. I had a double page ad to do by tomorrow a.m (got all the stuff by 3:30 today). Some rush rush branding stuff and a pile of “turn this powerpoint slide into a word doc” type of mojo. Lots of it. Piles.

Am wrapping up the liquor labelling. Got the illos done yesterday and reworked the size of the label and the typography as I didnt like how the bigger label was communicating. Too much information out of the line of sight.

This floral explosion is my response to the third annual Mothers Day for Peace event we have here at the Rongo. I have done little ladies in the past and wanted to do an homage to the gorgeous dutch floral painting only on crack. A friend took a look at this and wanted to know what happened as the palette is so insane (for me).

Need to wrap it up. I have been at my desk for 11 hrs. Time for a break.