Spring Forward!

Pea pinwheel, Q. Cassetti, 2012 Adobe Illustrator CS5Brilliant day. In the sixties. All the doors are open. All the pets are stretched out in the full sun, snoring away and catching some Ds (Vitamin Ds). Rob and a friend are tinkering away at house stuff. Alex is with a friend post tennis screaming with joy over a Pokemon computer game. It’s Prince Dauntless’ only day off this week, so I am not going to get on his back about what he should do or not. He has been a soldier with every night until 9 (even Fridays)…and all day Saturdays too for this play. Gloria is riding. I am writing to you, thinking about an interesting grant opportunity for the Farmers Market and putting some plans together for making naan tonight.

Its been an interesting weekend, not the one I planned. But we are being helpful with a friend who needs the support—so we have been here for him. He needs people to listen and frankly, to parent him a bit He needs to sleep and eat and rest and stop the craziness he has gotten himself into. Its working. He is coming back to himself…as I keep pushing food his way, making coffee, adding a cookie, offering a chip.  He had a bath that was transforming…and after a nap and a good nights sleep…its night and day. After a day, he looks a zillion times better. One day at a time. This is the least we can do.

I was geekifying this morning on my iPad—reading about warps, envelopes and the like and actually have turned an interesting corner in more things being possible/easier to do with this amazingly wonderful, not terribly friendly tool, Adobe Illustrator. New tricks! I am feeling quite frisky.

The week promises warm weather, 2300˚ at the Museum, and many practices for Alex.  The fuzzy magnolia buds are shiny and grey. Our day lilies are showing a bit of green in the ground. The daffodils are trying very hard to pretend its that time to wake up. I hope my cherry trees survived the winter. Time to buy a few more!

I have an asparagas heart on the drawing board with plans for peaches, beets, and turnips. Maybe a root heart (all sorts of roots?). And then, before we know it, Princess Kitty will be back among us! Hurray!