Canteloupe sketch, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5I am on a roll with this fruit and veggie thing. Asparaganza, a festival of asparagus at Good Life Farm is going to need a poster, so this work nicely folds into this graphic approach of fruit and veggies. I am intentionlly going very very graphic with this…not quite as graphic as Alexander Girard, but blocky without much tone etc.  I mean, I am a designer—so its not totally out of context to go graphic and bold. I just do not go there as it somehow seems too easy (though I am finding maybe not as cinchy as it used to be).  I am giving myself permission to make some patterns and explore the world of brushes, paths, and symbols to bring some life to this work. And so, it is fun…and I have learned new tools (like outline and offset path, transform and more tricks with brushes). I spent some time this morning reading threads and forums on brushes, on patterns and learned quite a few details (ie. if you are making a pattern brush, and want to be able to use other colors, make the brush in a color. If you make a brush in black, it stays black). Sickly, this is absolutely fascinating to me…and torture for you…and so I move on.

Another discovery: Adobe InDesign is a tool you can create ebooks with. There is a book (DPS Create) available online as a pdf, as a hardcopy book and as an app for your iPad that takes you through the basics on how to figure out how do create ebooks (something I think I need to do just to add value for my customers). Code is that Digital Publishing Systems (DPS) is the word…and there is a lot out there for us to absorb. And…it looks doable. So, I need to create a project to make this a reality and trial balloon this…before I say to folks…”yeah, I can do that”.

From Adobe: Terry White demonstrates, A writeup on DPS

In the middle of all of this, I have done some work on some tattoos (using brushes) which turned out quite nicely (to my thinking) though there is a scary spikiness to these illos that might make the requestors shiver a bit.

Prince Dauntless was just accepted into Hofstra! He is actually happy and smiling…so another one done and done. Must go as the day is tailing out…so culinary creativity will be expected, soon.