Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink. Cover of 3x3 Magazine recently accepted into Applied Arts Magazine, submitted by Hively Design.Its seven fifteen and finally, finally, I have a little window to say hi. I have some chicken I just put in the oven. Rob isnt home and Alex just was dropped off to be Prince Dauntless. It was a busy day today with all sorts of finishing and starting.

My big client got four projects done. The new cidery got finished label sketches. I ordered some sample nonstem wineglasses for that project from Discount Mugs. They have really affordable drinkware which you can easily get printed or laser engraved (affordable) which along with coasters would set this new cidery up nice and right for the soon to be launch at some of the better bars and restaurants in the area. This project is wonderful as are the smart and engaged couple who are focused on this segment of the local food future.

The adorable couple who farm with draft horses like the new direction having to do with their totem animals (a bear and a bee)… They like the typographic slug…So that will be fun to blowout. Plus, I may be helping them with tattoos for their wedding. They are going to give their tattoo artist another shot at it…and if they do not love it, I am on. Fun. Though I must admit, the new temporary tattoos are terrific (a bird and a heart).

The new project, The Great Local Foods Network now have a poster, a call for Auction donations publication, a website (from Squarespace), a brand spanking new url from,  a postcard (printed at the old standby, The Great Local Foods Network is sponsoring a fundraising event with music, food, silent and live auctions to raise money for the first project, the Bakemobile. The Bakemobile is a mobile, woodfired, bake oven that can be used to cater events, do demonstrations, create an outreach for local food in Central New York. All of this done on Sunday pm and Monday. Busy…as it was design, illustration and some cheesy, written by a designer copy writing by yours truly.

It is remarkable how my farm collection is growing. One restaurant. One distillery. One Cidery. One Bakery. One Mill. The local foods network and 3 farms! Beginning to sound like something.

Tomorrow is the first annual meeting of our vendors at the Tburg Farmers Market. New board, new direction, new market manager, and a tweak in our focus. Should be interesting. I should write some notes as I am the leader of this pack, and should have my scattered wits about me.

I just heard Rob. Time to go.