Hairhopper, Q. Cassetti, 2012, pen and inkA little snow this morning to remind us that it is winter. I am just back from showing another new producer a logotype exploration. They were happy and actually picked one! YAY! And, they picked one of the good ones! So, all is on the up and up there. Next step, designing some labels, working with them on packaging, website, etc. etc. It should be great. Working with these thoughtful, creative people has been beyond fun.

Lots of excitement around the up and coming Farmers Market Vendor Meeting on Wednesday, Feb, 29, 2012—from 6-8 p.m. with a dish to pass supper, rules, guidelines, applications and the like. Timing is around the seed starting time of the season…so it feels right too. Time to nail down the music, the programming, and the extras (stuff for kids, maybe a Holiday Market etc) so as to have an implementable plan by April. Also, we need a rack card to do a bit more promotion in and about the area.

Rob is busy on work stuff. Alex is hanging out with friends. I am talking to you and then plan on doing a bit of quiet reading and thinking. I am surprisingly tired…and would like a bit of tranquility.