Double birds, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink.I am hobbling around today as I came close to falling down my studio steps as Shady was too close to me and her tail was under my foot (which was on a painted staircase). Thank goodness I was doing as told (by the Chief of Safety here, Robbie) and hanging onto the handrail, so I caught myself, but in the catch, sprained a muscle in my leg. But better a strain than a broken noggin. So, hobbling and ibuprophin is the therapy on hand…and Shady is making me mad…but there you have it.

We are knocking em down and setting em up. We have Tucker on hand with a rake and weed wacker. Nigel is doing image research and tagging for us. Erich is doing what he does. Kitty has done some office work, filing, mail, recycling. So, we are keeping busy, and lunch has a new tenor with the college students at the table. I am anxious to move the needle a bit and get the small stuff we delayed (like updating my website) refreshed and finished. Also, we are going to learn something about the InDesign/ ePub creation as I am thinking this may come on as a house of fire…and with that, we will need to be ready. Lynda.com has some seminars on it…and I am thinking I might create a little advent book for kicks of my images for fun as a trial balloon.

We have guests this weekend. Jacob Kotler (our new summer family member) will be back from Michigan this p.m. and Alex will be back too.  So, there is some scrambling to do to make this all mesh happily. Gotta go