Dog Day

Hot Dog, Q.Cassetti, 2011It was summer yesterday. Hot as can be, so much so that the lake beckoned and we obeyed. It was the first aquatic foray of the summer, a bit brisk but soo soo worth it. Poor ShadyDog was a panting black mess who after her first dunk, settled down to her standard, non anxious self.

We were delighted and energized to greet a new Alex after his first week at the Ithaca College Summer Music Academy. This is a normally pretty quiet guy chattering his head off about all things music, his likes and dislikes, new friends, new abilities, new accomplishments. So much of the things he loves is frankly, for us, greek, but when he rambles on about odd key signatures, about those things that “one doesnt do”, about chord structures and where he likes to sing…is a bit obtuse for us, but we are learning and happy to do so. He has surprisingly really cottoned to the singing and is LOVING it…from what he is finding he is capable of, to the physical things/ the training/ the mind/ body/ music combinations. He loves the warm ups with yoga and then matched with singing warm ups. He loves singing opera. He pretty much loves it all with the exception of the know it all, smarty pants students that drive him crazy. Thank goodness we know that time takes care of a lot of this….

If this is what the college experience will be for Alex (once we get him to a place to understand the programs)—he will flourish…and evolve in a far more dramatic way that I think either Rob or I have anticipated. The passion is there. All we need to do is point it.

Kitty had a great day at Petrune. She is LOVING it…the dynamics of fashion, business, girlfriends. To think, she is encouraged to try on the clothes! She is enjoying meeting her fellow employees and doesnt mind the work of messing around with garments, tagging, steaming, learning QuickBooks. This too, is hopefully, blowing down a few doors. All we need to do is get her in front of a sewing machine…and then the world is her oyster. Baby steps. The world awaits.

Rob and I talked about the schedule for the next three months…where we needed to be, and how we can make the most of it. I have been asked to speak at the Museumwise Museum Institute this September at Sagamore. :

The Museum Institute at Sagamore is a four-day retreat for museum professionals. The Institute supports a hands-on/hands-dirty approach, inviting presenters & participants to fully engage a topic with the goal of creating an enlightening, engaging and inspiring discussion”.

More on that. Then there is Art Basel Miami and a trip to West Palm Beach to see an installation at the Norton with the Museum. Then there is college stuff for Alex and pick up and deliveries of Kitty. Busy.

Time to make lunch.