Dance Tent, Q. Cassetti, 2010Hot day again. Doors closed. Fan going. Lots of loudness re the recording session in our living room. Alex took some beautiful pix and observed with interest all that went on during the recording session. It is a bit stunning the sound, the active minds and music streaming from that hot room…but everyone seemed to like what they got, and its done. For now.

We went to the lake to float in the bath tubby water of the lake…which was choppy but delightful and a respite from the heat.

I am moping and mourning a big change in my business life. Crazy stuff happens that rarely makes sense and this current one, for me, tops them all. I am saddened by the change in dynamic, energy and attitude that will result in the future. Sad. Sad. sad. A moment stands still. Memento Mori.