Music Making.

Sketch, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and inkDoll Eyes, a band with Jacob Kotler, is recording in the first floor secondary office space. I am loaning roadies to the deal with Tucker and Alex doing running for power cords or passwords. I need to check in. See what is doing. Manage a bit.

Blistering yesterday. Blistering today. Yesterday, in the lake. Today, in front of the fan. Rob spent some time at GrassRoots; Kitty at the office; Alex and Jacob and me, chilling at the Lake. Cooling our heels. I read a trashy book and took a nap after doing some kitchen stuff (marinating some venison that was given to us, making pesto, wilting cucumbers, and making breakfast for Alex, Jacob and two others who spent the night). We had 10 for dinner Saturday night (unplanned)…which was nice but wiped me out.

Rob has the week off after a day meeting in Albany today. Alex is singing. Kitty at Petrune, revelling in the deck of styles she is encouraged to read and absorb so she can date the clothes coming into the store. I have some brochures to layout  and some thinking to do around organization prior to a crash and burn on the horizon with my main client.

Kitty, Rob and Alex will be at the fairgrounds swinging a hammer and or moving a paintbrush for more GrassRoots stuff. My pictures need to wander over there tomorrow. I just hope to heaven that this heat and humidity clears by the end of the week.