Green world.

Sprung, Q. Cassetti, 2011 pen and ink, finished in Adobe Photoshop CS5Perfection. The heavy duty rains have created this green world with brilliant grass promising the season that is here and to come. The trees are budding. The tree peonies are waving their little fingered red hands at me. Mr White and the Greys are in and out all day so much so that I have flung the doors open and propped them so that I am not running to help them out. The world is so full of promise, of renewal, of another chance. My office windows are open as I cannot get enough of this cool humidity. I hope I can be productive with all this hope burgeoning outside of my window.

Alex is busy being freaked out about his Music AP (with ear training which he is not feeling overly comfortable with). Rob is busy with work (big project on the verge of happening…and all the business surrounding the liftoff ) and with the village business (EMS on the forefront of the issues). I am closing out the Yearbook, finishing up an illo for NYFoods, lots of new design for the big client and details (for others). So, nothing has quieted down.

Mothers Day for Peace (an event next Sunday at the Rongo from 2-8) with Richie Stearns, Jennie Lowe Stearns, The Double E, Long John and the Tights, Uniit, The Blind Spots)) need more posters (!). So, I need to get going to get the printer printing and the saving machine (me) to get jpgs to the new web group who are posting a site for women “mamas” to speak about peace.