More of nothing

eBunny, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink, color and image manipulation, Adobe Photoshop CS5Big rain and thunder promised today. It is lovely and humid. My sour cherry tree saplings showed up and are lying on the back porch waiting to be planted. There should be some leek seedlings/stock coming too. I figured the stinking deer would run from the leeks. I just hope that the leeks dont drive these deer towards the tree peonies and hosta. Yikes!

Mother’s Day poster is done and gone. Stupid me, I printed a slew of them with the wrong year…so I reprinted and now they are out in the world. I may be making little jpgs to help their website look a bit fresher.

Am working on an illo of a child holding a chicken for a project. It is a fast deadline (which I think all illustration…snap snap, snap!). Its coming along pretty will albeit the child has a striped shirt which I rezed up in photoshop and brought into illustrator as a workpath which I used the eraser on to get rid of all sorts of detail etc. Looks great. As this illo is not being used terribly big, I am working to size or a bit smaller to keep the tigerteeth big enough to  read at this smaller size. This is something I need to get better at.

Additionally, we are rolling into the new branding stuff…trying to really exercise these standards— and finding out what is missing. If only there was time to beta test this stuff…but I guess (as this is another try) that the whole strategy around refreshing or establishing branding is a changing tires while the car rolls activity. Finding new bumps, seeing what works/doesnt is part of the challenge because if we are being stumped, then what about the less sophisticated teams that often do not deal with their creativity being directed? Interestingly interesting.

May is just around the corner (has time flown? or what?)! Kitty’s birthday and her finals, Rob’s birthday, the prom, AP tests, SAT tests….and more. So much surrounds each of those bullets, I need to get rolling. Wasn’t it Christmas yesterday?