Some Bunny.

Some Bunny, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink.Rain predicted for today. The boys have the day off…I am back at it…trying to close down some projects to be able to move forward in the work.

The dinner we attended the other night was remarkable. It was an annual recognition and review dinner for the Trumansburg Fire Company as well as the EMT/ Ambulance Corps. Why was it remarkable? Well, the sense of commitment, the pride in the work and the community of people who shared a common belief in giving for the greater good. The fire chief, Jason Fulton, gave an amazing presentation of statistics which really need to be made more public—parsed into layman’s terms to depict the gift of service that our fellow townspeople give annuallly that many take for granted. Not only that gift, but the amazing stripe of people from High School students through to retirees engaged toward the same goals…complete familes,  from grandma to grandchild…all involved and giving. The dinner was fabulous and delicious, the company wonderful, and the little touches and presentations of recognition were memorable. I am honored to have been able to attend with Rob.

We are so lucky to live in this little town which has so many little communities within communities—music groups, service groups, literature groups, school related groups, sports related groups, church related groups…overlapping circles that move and change as we all move and change. In a bigger environment, these circles are harder to see, harder to find. However, in a place as small as our little village, the overlap is broader, and the groups are more visable. I am delighted in this embrace that this little place gives us.

And now for the work.