No rest for the wicked

These dollies need new eyes, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink, digitalNeed to fire up the computer to get going on the yearbook scanning and more of the needlepoint, stitchery style patience of noodling in words of text, and improvements. I am making slow work of it, but it is progressing. A few hours this morning and all day tomorrow will help.

Rob is off with the fire company to see a volunteered house burned for the experience. What fun! We have the pleasure of the annual fire company dinner tonight where I must be Madam Commissioner….trying to hide under the tablecloths. I welcome the event and the opportunity to mingle with the pride of Trumansburg. I admire these people so much. They take on so much with life, emergencies and some, jobs as well.

These silly beestung ladies are for the Mother’s Day for Peace poster. Though I like their stunned look, I dont think it communicates a friendly event…and will probably alter the eyes for a better expression. I had a lot fo fun with this easter-y palette of gold and purple, blue and green which seems to be poking up out of the winter leavings. A crocus palette.

More later. Just wanted to say hi.