flying flat out.

two trees, camo birds, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and inkSunny promising a spring day with glints of light on the melting snow. Mandy is here, leaning into moving the needle with this big house, painting, organizing us, sorting the building detrius that somehow never seems to be gotten rid of. So we are seeing clean, clear spaces, empty recycling rooms and primed bathrooms. She is a wonder. Santa Mandy!

We are eating down the pile of work. It feels like we can get through this. There is some talk about planning for the summer, time to travel, time to look at colleges, time to entertain and see people, time to swim (at least that is my hope).  I need to get my head wrapped around Alex, what he needs to do, what would be fun for him, what would move the needle. I am thinking some sort of outward bound type experience might really work.

Friday is Karen Brummund’s installation on Sears Street in Ithaca. Karen sent out a request for artwork to be projected on this house—similar to her work at the chapel on Waterburg Road . I submitted a red floral, a grisaille skull and a few more illos cropped to the house shape. The skull works well as does the patterns. Bruce B. submitted some images too. I should have submitted a QR code too. Would make a great cell phone picture! Rob and I are planning a date to include Felicias and the house viewing. Should be a nice break from the hamster wheel I am trying to stay on.

The work detrius is piling up around my ankles as I talk to you. Need to go. Sorry again for the rush.