Guilt Incorporated

Springtime!, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and inkI have been swamped so much that even my little window of time to talk to you has been stolen. However, I am taking a moment today to say hello. Its been literally nights and weekends solid….and not a moment but time to make dinner and go to sleep. This little spate of business is almost behind us…but none too soon for this girl.

So there are slide shows in the mix, posters, table stands, publications (4 of them in the works from a 60 pager to a few 24 pagers), a logotype, and some illustration. I also have lots of the freebies coming to the trough with sudden require-
ments that have burdens attached. Oy Vei. 

Alex is busy with Tennis and physics. Rob is over the top with work and his public responsibilities.
Its going to be a screamer of a week.

However, we went to a late show of the movie, “The Illusionist”  which was magical and hand drawn in an extrordinary way. The way the figures move, the automobiles speed, and the sense of space and location is transformative. Its one of those animations that I find myself reflecting back on, impressed and charmed. Jill was not a dull girl for those 2 hours this past Saturday. I am ready to be charmed more this spring. What with my cherry trees coming and my dozen leek seedlings….charm is coming in the mail….and speaking of plants, the hellebores are on the way. We have snowdrops peeking through the melting white stuff.

Back to the hamster wheel.