churning away

Q. Cassetti, 2011, vectorMaking a bunch of vector pix—one after the next…churning away and away. The squirrel to the left is one of the critters coming off the vector pen. I like the way this guy is looking.

Valentines day is on us. I have the envelopes stuffed. Mandy will help sealing them today and I will label and stamp tonight. Joe Sepi did a great job and now that I have lived with the sweetness, I am liking the way these are looking.

Shady is outside celebrating the snow with her friend, the border collie, Elsa. They are romping and rolling…just absorbing the cold, the crispiness, and the sheer wonder of it being morning. Just watching her taking in the moment, makes my heart leap a bit…as she is just happy, genuinely happy taking it all in. So, grey skies go away….and bring Shady more fluffy whiteness to roll and delight in.

I had a wonderful surprise meeting yesterday with a new best friend, Joe  Myer to hear about this new enterprise that is going to happen on our lake. Joe is a member of a family that has been farming the same place for seven generations and who have roots back to the land grant time.  There may be a logo, some packaging and image making with this entity which fits with my love of the localvore, supporting the businesses here, and projecting a world vision on a local level. And Joe is the rennaissance person who paints, is a musician, a cow milker dairyman, and interested in everything who can make this happen. Isn’t it great when you meet someone who shimmers with possibilities? Joe is one of those people. I hope there will be more here for us to share.

Alex is working until 6 on the play. Rob has civic duties until 9. So, I have an evening to get stuff done….and maybe watch a bit of tube. What a treat.