At the wheel first thing this morning. Got the valentines (stamped last night in front of a way junky movie) to the post office. Would love to do more with the valentine thing, but there just isn’t time. I need to find some goodies in the present closet and put bows on things to hand out.

Reread my email to find out that yes, yes in indeedie, its another full tilt work weekend. Amendments to a job by Monday. Need to get some clarification of what, how etc is needed as tomorrow is the Pourhouse celebration here….and I have car chores to do with some provisioning and moving stuff around. Plain and simple, Saturday is out. Sunday, is a full work…but ouch. I am strung out with working late all week and weekend before.

I have been using my new found knowledge of new tools and techniques from Adobe Illustrator CS5 . I am using brushes (newies) and making symbol libraries to put together quick layouts (forgot about the wonder of symbols)—and am feeling pretty glib with these skills.

Gotta go. Have to get ready for a meeting.