Study after Ganga Devi, Q. Cassetti, 2011, sharpies on moleskinePowder coming down. Not the big dump as promised tonight. Alex is in school. Rob packed a bag just in case with his trip to Corning. I am a bit worried about Rob and his travels…but he is safety first…so I know he will take his time and use his noodle. Shady is passed out on the carpet after nosing through the snow, playfully digging for frozen pinecones. I am looking out over the frozen tundra to the back of the house making plans for the day, making lists, and having a lovely cup of Gimme! feeling very lucky I do not have any places to travel to. Its messy downtown…

Amanda and I are talking about her planting berries. Elderberries, Gooseberries, Currents…exotics for around here…with her reading and musing over the Miller Nursery catalog (from Canandaigua so we know that it will grow here). White mulberries, persimmons….she muses and has stories. That would be quite the thing for our little Trumansburg Farmers Market. Something wonderful and happy to think about in the snow. I am thinking Montmorency sour cherries and Baldwin apples for the back forty. The tree prices are excellent (compared to the Agway trees at around $40 a pop…$23. looks real good). Imagine.

Need to get 3x3 entered today along with finalizing images to get to Charles H. on the possible article on me. Jason’s photographs are wonderful…and seeing our house and work through is lens is very romantic and looks as if we actually plan the arrangement and curating of our stuff. I may take some snow shots to add to the mix of the look out the studio windows and the view to the back forty.

There is an exhibit at the Tompkins County Library,”Art for Commerce, Graphic Design in Ithaca and Tompkins County” that I have been invited to participate in and need to get two 3’x6’ panels completed. I contacted wonderful Steve Carver about his entry and he has a good supplier in Syracuse who is going to output and mount his panels. I think and hope that I can tag along with him on this. So, I need to prep those panels as well. I think the approach I will take will be to show illustration and logotypes noting those that have gotten national recognition. It will be an interesting process. This show opens March 11, 2011 and runs through the end of May. Maybe the Hangar work, Farmer Ground, Chicken Chokers, Mothers Day for Peace, and the new Wide Awake Bakery (as local work) will be rolled into this as well. Hmmm.

 Time to dig out those files and dive into the mix.