snow watch

Study after Ganga Devi, Q. Cassetti, 2010, sharpies on moleskine.Rumor has it that we are getting a pile coming our way. The white stuff that is. Shady Grove is psyched. Deeper coldness to dive into, in search of the frozen cones. A divine place to plunge her muzzle deep and frosty to sniff and sniff for the divine pine. And there is the hope that springs in having a snow day, an unplanned day of sleep and cocoa and all the Xfiles one chooses to devour. Who knows, like an unbidden holiday, we never  know until the school closings are called…A,B,C…..South Seneca….T…..?

Got a ton done today. Bunch of things to look at and remark on. Bunch of people to talk to. New understandings about projects. Boxes off to Kitty Cat with stuff for artclasses and fashion to help make valentines day more wonderful.

Had a good chat with the school about Alex and his abilities and how to assess them. I feel that I was not only heard but understood and communicated with. This is always reassuring as, as always, I am not on my own on this one.

A. has play practice this evening, so because I was busy getting stuff out today, I do not have time to chat with you about the Banksey movie we saw yesterday (“Exit Through The Gift Shop”) or other mental ephemera that is floating through my thin skulll. An early dinner needs to be cooked to my lovely boy so he can go to sing and dance and hang out with beautiful and talented teens.

Onward for tomorrow. Turn your jimmy jammies inside out..and cross your fingers for snow. I am.