colored cuts

Christian Schizgebel paper cutOvercast and grey. Cool to cold here. I wish my happy world would be as picturesque as Christian Schwizgebel’s happy horses and a chestnut tree. Look at the cute little scallop treatment at t he bottom and the way he lightens up the heavy black ground with the little lifts in white with grass to open up the blackness. I think Schwizgebel is so lyrical— his sense of design and weighted black and white is quite remarkable and fluid— that I would like to learn from this master of line and form. So graphic and graceful. Shall I just stay in black and white? or should I lay color into it like the Home Sweet Home project? on her ShelleyBean blog talks about Wycinanki, polish paper cutting by highlighting the illustrator, Malgorzata Belkiewicz’s beautiful paper work. I love her lovely Folk Trees. Inspired. I should give a try to this too! Her dolls look like something that have come off my vector pen.

For more Wycinanki, here is a cool starting place>>

Weselny orszakWymiary / Dimension: 50 x 25cmMateriał / Material: kolorowe papiery / colour paperwycinanka KODRA - scena rodzajowa: Weselny orszak / paper cut-out KODRA - the scene from everyday life

I had the extreme pleasure of picking up our turkey at Good Life Farm meeting Melissa Madden an inspired and energetic woman who along with her partner, farm responsibly using horsepower—pretty much everything hands on. They have coordinated their CSA with the gap between Sweetland’s end of the winter share and the start of the summer share…So, they have a spring share of peas and asparagus, radishes and greens. I cannot wait. Good Life is just around the corner from Sheldrake with long lake views, neat fields and little greenhouses all around.  Their partner had the most wonderful 7 mo. old wolfhound. I could go for one of those enormous dogs…she was as sweet as candy.

Its going to be a good Thanksgiving.