on the road, Q. Cassetti, 2010Business as usual. Had an interesting meeting this morning that tamped down my rage a bit, I guess because I feel like this is a shared emotion. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. At least these are all steps forward…a bit off schedule, but forward.

We are on the road tomorrow afternoon and back by Sunday. We are looking at colleges and then back to the rush to Thanksgiving. I wish I had more time this weekend to cook and prepare. Maybe something tonight. However, the boxing and finalizing Xmas is happening too. So all the holidays are in a jumble that I am going to need to sort out. Jumble. Thats me.

There is a lot going on that I really feel I cannot talk to you about. Rest assured, it is all going into a state of discovery and positive change and my current frown is beginning to turn upsidedown. I just wish we didnt need to go through so much, but as with everything—energy and effort in yields more often, positive energy and effort out. To that, someone the other day was talking about the fact that energy never dies…it just takes another form  Its a big idea (from Einstein) that I am sure all of you math/science folks can recite and delve deeply into—but for me its a big idea as so much in life is about that. That aspects of your life, your activity, your essence spins and spins until it morphs and then it becomes something else and then the progression from one idea and activity to the next almost is seamless. Is this the promise of our lives? of our afterlives? Of our vital force/ our energy? Is this the promise of reincarnation through energy never dying…but changing?

Onward for more.