And it continues. This amazing display of total brazen declarations from Jerry Sandusky, pedophile, keeps me on point with this unveiling story that progresses with more detail, more euphanisms (“horseplay”, “towel snapping”) to depict this sick, sick man who was defended and supported by Penn State with the institutional head in the sand. Sandusky presents himself as a man underfire who, like JoePa, thinks he can control the situation through the information he lets out. Unfortunately, his interview with Bob Costas, instead of clearing things up, presented an odd and very creepy person who is sadly licking his wounds, in flat and monochromatic tones, waiting for his lawyer to clear a few things up so he can go about his life. What about all these victims coming forth? Sandusky is setting himself up to control his image of a wholesome coach who loves kids, hugs them, “touches their legs” with the only harm  being an innocent “shower with the kids”—his only remorse being that action. Talk about a narcissistic demonstration—Too odd and scary.

Have been madly getting design stuff out the door. The pre-holiday craziness has happened already with lots of mounting due dates (all loaded…more than one project at a time) all staged post Thanksgiving to all the way to Christmas’ doorstep. I knew it…but this is wilder than expected. So, I am getting a brochure and two poster reskinning out today. I am doing something with my Poe illustration from Syracuse (prompting me to do a few more famous people) for Ithaca College’s summer programs (a brochure) which will be nice to have in play. Its a short week, as you know with our trip to Putney—so I need to really focus.

Putney then Northampton/Amherst to see the girl! I am looking forward to getting away from my desk. I wish I was feeling a bit more inspired. Maybe the up and coming advent calendar will help?