Halloween Mask: Devil, Q. Cassetti, 2011 Adobe Illustrator CS5I am off to the Shure Save to get the basics and fixings for pizza rustica for my little boy. Alex has play play play practice this week, so something that goes into the fridge that he likes and wants, and can be quickly miked up to take it off the cold is in order. I floated the idea of pizza rustica and he flipped (quietly, but that is how he rolls). Afters yesterday’s prep and chop, today seems simple with pumpkin carving and turkey gravy making.

I googled gravy to see if there was anything that I wasn’t doing…and it seems like I do it all right (no one mentioned browning the flour which is something I do— my mom always did…and I think it makes a difference). The cornbread, banana bread and stuffing awaits in the freezer. What next? I know, cranberries…but forget buying them before Halloween. As of Tuesday, we will be on it. I am thinking of doing two cranberries—one chunky and the other more of a real sauce. Ideas?

I am smitten with doing research on these odd halloween masks. Its curious, but there is a little bit of my love of old circus poster illustrations combined with the crazy palette of the sixties (I found a purple gorilla that is outstanding), combined with a sixties headset of what was good/acceptable imagery and symbols for little children to represent. The only girl costumes were fair haired princesses and raggedy ann (all with white fleshtones). If you were a girl of color, you either had to be white or a monster/witch. Twisted. Talk about a generation needing to change. Imagine your self image if you were neither statuesque and blond with perfect skin, or a white dollbaby. But then again, we didnt have a female head of the department of state or a supreme court justice. Thankfully, that has changed.

You will find more pictures coming from this as I am learning stuff…mainly how to add detail and depth, and how to create high vis pings and flecks. I was just blabbing on the other day to my audience (Rob and Alex) on how I want to be able to think out a real live “sports” icon…and this is good training. Plus, this will morph to the clown project I have been waiting to do. So, wait long enough, something will click…the pen or the electronic pen just has to keep moving. I now do not have enough time in the day to do what I want to do. Who hoooo. However, the usual question pops up, who would want these things? And the answer always is, who cares?!

Time to roll to the store and pumpkin patch.