ready to rumba

TJ is under the stove, trying to gather all the heat into his old body. Mr. White (a cat with tapeworm or something as eating is something that he is continually doing to no real result) is languishing under a suspended lamp and Mei Mei is. There is something wonderful about cats and heat. We got Alex up for an early (7 am) bus for Marathon--and I promptly went back to bed--to arise with Rob gone (we wen to the meet), a hot dog rump (Shady curled up next to me...critter bliss) and thoughts about seating plans for Thanksgiving. We are up to 21. So, its enough to worry a girl. Food and then, who sits where...We have our sensitive folks, our strong women and family. We will see.

So, i got my lazy bones out of the cloud bliss that Shady provided and clambered downstairs. There was a stinky fridge, stuff that needed to be processed and as a part of that process, some cooking to take the food to something to eat. So, I tossed, bagged, washed and chopped. We have 3 small bags of the most elegant of my discoveries, organic celery. All about flavor. Not about ants on a log. I chopped and cleaned a massive bunch of organic leeks (love the CSA), washed them and divided them into 3 bags for soup and stew. Ready to rumba. Then I made a triple order of cornbread and a loaf of banana bread (4 rotting bananas on the counter). The turkey stock was brought in from the porch. I scraped the surface fat off and then put the pot on a low simmer to get the stock to a straining point. Stock is drained. Fat is off. Piles of tiny bones, processed and ready to go. If only I had a school project having to do with reconstructing dinosaur bones, I would be so set. Just to sum up, I cooked a bit today. And froze a bit. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving gravy day.

Gloria is here after a long trip across country with a long time spent with middle know, Cracker Barrel and all that. It sounds like it was a 2011 version of Ulysses. But she is here, and Justin, the horse is now officially on his way.

We were hanging out at the Rongo last end to people dressed up as zombies. The Stringbusters came dressed up as the Village People, bringing a ton of people. Make note, Stringbusters= crowd. It was fun hanging out with old and new friends--swapping gossip and tales, teasing each other and getting the low down.

I am on the whole halloween costume thing of the 60s and 70s. I have 3 images that point at that. It is fun, relatively fast, and new for me.
More later. It is a nice fusion of wood type illustration and kitch. Fun.