Monday rush

Indian illustration.Nice dinner last night. Worked out well. Plenty to eat that we had leftovers for five today. Rob and Alex have today off…with Rob and Mandy squaring off with the rest of the second room of the studio to make straight and orderly the path. And they have had success today! Remarkable.

Got images off to Computer Arts Magazine (UK Publication). They will print images along with put a dozen on a disk/CD for artists/art directors to review. They asked particularly about Folk art inspiration particularly Lubki(!). I am very curious to see what they surface in their article. Maybe there is more perking along in Europe around a folk tradition than what we are seeing here.

Did a few 2300˚ postcard graphics and a poster this p.m. along with a bit of work for the Baker. I am hoping to clock down some more work (finishing entirely) this week. Would be so good.

Gotta go. Late start today…so I need to get down to the kitchen to see what to make for dinner.

Sorry for the rush.