Weekend moment

Cow study, Q. Cassetti, 2010, sharpiesWe saw Alex at Barton Hall for an indoor Track and Field event. He and his team were great…with Alex doing the last lap of a four man relay…and making some personal records (PR). We had lunch at the vietnamese restaurant in Collegetown after his accomplishments and then to Camp Street for down time.

I spent a bunch of time learning new things on my iPad while Rob was busy making magic with the first floor office/gallery (to be) space. Rob is truly making amazing changes. And wastrel me found out new things about design, computers, social media (did you know that a right click on a web page can allow you to tweet it?). Another interesting find was when I found someone had retweeted a tweet I had done from an article on Slate about punctuation. The individual who quoted my link had a really  neat virtual “go to” at about.me.com. About me is a place that you can link all the social media locations you are on…in one place versus the direct to a single location on the web. It has some nice and simple design tools. I need to spend a moment and really pretty it up…but hey. I like the idea that there is a place that is essentially the octopus, the many legged critter that can tie all of one’s disparate locations all together in one spot. Cool.

Tonight is dinner for ten…for Mary’s birthday. I am making a pork roast from the famous cookbook, “Walter’s Swiss Kitchen”, roasted potatoes, a salad and asparagus (I know, its wrong…but it was there and I was weak) along with a chocolate cake I made in two loaf pans and cut the loaves in half (horozontally). So, the cake is a skyscraper with little adornments of japanese food/cake erasers on the top for fun. I am taking a momentary break from chopping just to say hi…but I am back on almost immediately to get the roast going.

Tomorrow is MLK day. Rob is off as is Alex. I have work…along with some treats like looking at the amazing, amazing, tear inducing article Ursula Roma sent me (for 3x3), getting Jason K. scheduled and planning the display for the Tompkins County Library in March with a group of other graphic designers in the area. And then there is the real work too.