Dreary Tuesday

East West Postcard, Q. Cassetti, 2010, for the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NYUpcoming fun at the Corning  Museum of Glass. Pencil it in…with Kelley and the Cowboys and Eric Meek, glassmaker extrordinaire along with John Ford..the man that spans both cultures interpreting in probably both Chinese and English. The show opening, “East Meets West” is an interesting take on objects inspired by those things Eastern created by Western hands. A bit of this, a bit of that. Eggrolls and Tacos? Tofu and Hamburgers? Sake and and Whiskey? Rockabilly and a  Tea Ceremony? All in beautiful Corning New York. If you are a CMU alumni, there will be a gathering of the Tartans as well. Look for more details coming your way. And as you can see, two color layout with my favorite Hoefler Frere Jones font, Knockout in all sorts of iterations.

Alex is being challenged to win the race today. Everyone else is being asked to make it a “tempo run” with Alex and a friend being told to take it…with some stiff time expectations put in place. I hope he can do it. Now the question of the big dinner I need to whomp up for him.

Am working on tables and info for the Baker and Feline. Lots rolling for the big client. We MAY have a holiday card…pretty noncommittal, but something. Right now, I will take anything.