Monday Monday

Modified Rooster, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalA low little Kitty was on the phone last night. She was just plain tired…and wasn’t dealing well with the overachievers and competitive sorts (of which she is reluctant to agree that she is too) overdoing it when given an assignment to get familiar with the tool they will be using to do some animation ( So over the course of two calls, we got here to a point that she was ready to let go a bit…and maybe take a shower and go to bed early. Man, do I sound like a mom or what? She is all worked up…but as I reminded her, she had only been at Hampshire for less than 26 days..and of those days, how many days in class. I mean, get a little real? Poor thing—its not all going to come immediately—(something her brother understands)—but with time and effort, it will happen. I guess this is why they call it school. Lots to learn.

Bruce came back from a very fun few days of visiting and gathering with friends. We hung out…and I cooked a bit (biscotti with dried blueberries and almonds, and two big pizzas (not the best…but edible). Big pot of recycled soup for today’s luncheon extravaganza.

I downloaded a collection of the Deerslayer volumes (James Fennimore Cooper) to get my head wrapped into the mythology from which I believe the romance of the adirondack style has sprung from. I do not know why I am on a jag about this…but I am fascinated. First, though, I need to finish William Gibson’s latest, Zero History “-a wierd and wonderful world of Hollis and Hubert Bigend and the miasma that Gibson creates of information, data, and the odd/perplexing and wonderful visuals/interiors/ fashion he describes. I am wild for his work…albeit, not “smart” reading. Escapist stuff.

I got my notebook for the library project mentioned last week. The topic I picked was Secret Code…so I am musing on the Masons (of course) and the odd stuff I love about them. Maybe a little Masonic tome made by little ole non masonic Q.

It is grey and stormy. Rob spoke on Martha Stewart Radio (Sirius) this morning. Shady is back to smelling bad (need to get a major deodorizing shampoodle for her). I wonder if part of shaggy dogs getting older is that they stink more? I hope that isn’t the case. Oy. It absolutely radiates from her despite her bath yesterday.

More later.