Overcast but not dreary.

Treasure from the Firemen’s Parade, Q. Cassetti, 2010We had an unplanned dinner last nights. We saw friends out walking and we had extra burgers—so a party happened. Not fancy in the least bit, but it was nice to visit with them. Paula, our landscape architect friend is working on some pretty magnificent, paradigm shifting stuff through Cornell in Utica. Her initiative is called “Rust to Green” with some magical relationships with everyone from the mayor down to the various department heads to establishing a consortium of colleges in the area to lean into her big ideas….it will change things, people, and life to the positive. Paula has a big project that she can champion with the right support, some funds, and her big brain filled with ideas. Check out the fab site and some of the legwork that is happening under the Utica tab.

Today is Porchfest in Ithaca. Porchfest is a free festival of music with all sorts of musicians playing between 11-5 on the front porches of various houses in the Fall Creek neighborhood. It would be a good thing to do here in Tburg. Wish we could lift something off the ground here.  Rob and Bruce and Alex will go. I am more into quiet and puttering. Last week sucked the life out of me…with a ton of rush work, the stress of letting my little bunny go, and the construction crew to feed and goad with the work being done on the back of the house. Now that I write about it, I guess I am not as big a weenie as I am feeling.

I have been making a ton of soup for the team for lunch—recycled soup, reconstruction soup, and of course white bean soup, mushroom soup. All the leftovers from the single flavors get folded into the recycled soup along with leftovers from dinner and a dose of stock or a can of diced tomatoes and we have another variety for the gang to devour. And devour they do. Again, my new favorite book (I ordered 6 copies at less than $12 a piece from Alibris for Xmas this year) has an extraordinary cornbread recipe which I make to go with the soup and that is sucked down in an instant. On today’s roster is the sweating of leeks and cooking of bacon to make a version of a friend’s torta (an italian pie in a springform pan, wrapped in puff pastry. I hope to get some logs of pizza crust going too….as its a lifesaver during the week. So, now with the lovely cool weather, it is a welcome to turn the iron dragon on and see what I can devise without breaking the bank.

Future Ithaca Art Trailer(?) from Fletchers Vintage Trailer Sales and Service.There is talk about buying a trailer and making it the Ithaca Art Trailer… Whaddah think? We could drag this thing to street events, music festivals and we could show my stuff ….think of the buttons and tattoos we could sell. I hope this leaves you thinking of the opportunities and of all the projects we “could” have. Ha.!