Saturday activities.

1948 Zimmer from Fletchers Vintage Trailer Sales, Trumansburg, NYJust did a bit of Christmas shopping via Alibris (used/discounter for Books). I really want to get ahead of the curve this year…and have it done before mid November. Really takes the sting out of the season. I think and know I can do it. Its a beautiful bluesky day today. I just finished a double order of granola as the crew is devouring it. I think I will leave a container for a granola fan at the High School on Monday. Just because Kitty graduated doesnt mean his stream of grain has to stop? Right?

There are plans afoot after Bruce and Rob come back here with the lawn tractor (repairs) and then to Stellar Stereo—to go to Fletchers Vintage Trailers  and see what’s there. They have a bunch of AirStreams which you know I adore, and this Bobba Fett Zimmer (see left) which I love how it looks…might be a mountain too high for this gal. They have some “lunchbox” Scotty style ones that are cute…and all affordable if you want to have a winter project.  Even Fletch sez in one of his write ups:

“A rare old trailer that is not for the faint at heart. Everything should be taken 1957 Tour-A-Home, Fletcher’s Vintage Trailer Sales and Serviceapart (to the frame) and rebuilt. I would recommend not to tow this one home.” 

I know about the faint of heart. We’ll see. Either the cute little red and white or an airstream is in the mix. Could be fun for the music fests. Might make the events far more fun.

Alex is going to a bonfire tonight and napping now after a long workout with the Cross Country team this morning. I talked to S. about the extra secret special job…and we are making progress on this project. I have learned about new people and brands in the world of bread and flour that are interesting and very tangible which is exciting.

I have been worked up about Fracking. WSKG yesterday ran a glowing “life is beautiful” story about how fracking and the drilling of our Marcellus Shale is going to create jobs for people and how wonderful life is going to be. I thought things were pretty great now. Why must we pollute the future for short term cash in the hands of banks and single generations. I heard a pretty nasty rumor about a local bank doing some pretty below board things to their real estate transactions with regards to mineral rights etc. The “Man” definitely has short term profits in mind as he dips into something they do not have the morals to even understand. I am working on some poster/illustration images that speak to my horror and fear of what almost seems inevitable unless everyone starts screaming. I wish I knew where Cuomo stood on this.

More later. Off to see campers.