Holiday illo, Q. Cassetti, 2010, digitalThe wheels are in motion. Granola is baking for Kitty to take to school. Kittyn gets dried cherry, Robbie gets golden raisin. The totes are lined up in the hallway. The new bedding is in it’s packaging ready to be carried off to Amherst. Kitty has finally completed the reading required for Orientation (I have been on her all summer…and need to learn that she operates at the last minute to my frustration….all the haranguing just does not work). All the bathroom stuff is jammed into a waste paper basket. Shady Grove has been planned, walking scheduled, food figured out. The cats have moved back to chez Camp and are now snarling and fighting in the backyard over who is the King of the Cat Empire.

Now, I am wrangling the printer to get our hot wire reservations off it, print the schedules and parking stuff for our tour for Alex of U Mass Amherst in preparation of round two, college visits with Boy Wonder. Rolling from getting one settled to the next in the waiting line to launch off to the next iteration of education. It should be a new adventure not of biology and art, bad haircuts, and cute guys to music theory, club scene, bromance, cross country and team sports. We hear there are a bunch of unclaimed golf scholarships out there. I think, as I am sure you do to, that Alex C. may be on the golf team next spring. Running and Golf, drama and music theory. Large School feeling, small school intimacy. Oy.

The destruction back of the house has been completed. Bathroom with all water and electricity gone. Rob and Nigel emptied the closets yesterday along with the tool and household fixings gone— either organized or bagged for Salvation Army. Team David Burke will be here soon to begin to get it back in order, take the sheetrock off the ceiling to the studs, so that a brand new metal roof, all nice and clean and grey, to be put in place on the new/old roof.